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June 22, 2022

Let’s hold a July 4th Event

Bringing people together for community events or special occasions helps to strengthen friendships which in turn retains members.  It can also be an opportunity to meet referral leads! 

Engage your members

The best place to looks for ideas on holding community events is through your members. Many of them welcome the opportunity to share their talents with others. Maybe you have some restaurant owners or people with hidden talents like, face painting or balloon making. There is nothing more welcoming than a supportive community.

We have provided a checklist below along with a video showing you how to use Plan2Play connect for free or with the paid version to easily organize your events.  

We want to hear your ideas!  Comment below and let us know your ideas for holding community events.

Event Checklist

Download PDF Checklist

  • Create the intention of the event and your goals
  • Look at your gym membership to see who could contribute:
    • Food
    • Drinks
    • Face Painting
    • Games
  • Create a Budget
  • Set a Date and Time
  • Assign tasks out to your community
  • Create your event in the Plan2Play App and invite your gym members
  • Promote the event and let your community know they can invite whoever they want through the Connect App
  • Create a timeline for the day of your event with all the “day of” tasks
  • Take pictures and share, share, share on social


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