Opening a Gym Checklist

July 14, 2022
Check List for Gym's

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed

Did you know there are about 106,000 gyms around the country? 

If you have been thinking about opening a gym, there are things you should know about it that you may not have thought about! Of course, you need the equipment, customers, and a space, but what else do you need?

For a list of things to do, keep reading about how to open a gym!

1. Engage Your Members

When you get customers for your gym, that’s the first step. But you don’t want to stop there! 

You want to keep them engaged with their membership so that it stays active. To do this, consider offering incentives, promos, and reasons to keep coming back.

2. Keep Your Website Fresh

You may be wondering if it is vital to have a website. The answer is yes.

This is where you can post about your services like fitness programs, personal training, and the gym equipment you have. You should continue to keep this up-to-date as things change.

You should also promote a blog on your website about all things health and fitness so that you drive traffic to it. This will help to grow your customer base.

You will also need to make sure your website is mobile friendly. Most of your visitors will be accessing your website on their mobile device.

3. Keep Generating Leads

Once you have some members and a website, you still need to generate leads! One way to do this is through your digital marketing efforts.

You should promote your gym through your email list by offering promotions. For instance, you could offer a ‘family discount’ where a family can join the gym for 50% of their first few months. This means you are getting more leads and customers for your gym.

Promoting the gym through social media is another excellent way to go about it.

4. Host an Event

When managing a gym, hosting an event can go a long way. You can acknowledge your members for being members by giving them a free event to come to – whether that is a free training event, a social event, or something else you think of.

They should also bring a friend, which will help to advertise your gym more openly as well!

5. Use Gym Management Software

When you decide to use gym management software, you are making one of the smartest decisions to streamline your tasks and managing. This can allow you to put more time into the business while tracking everything in one place with the fitness software.

This can also help with a gym check-in system.

It can help you to attract customers and run your business as well as keep your community together.

Checklist for Opening a Gym

Opening a gym takes much more than finding a space and then putting equipment in it. You need to ensure you are thinking outside the box for ways to generate new leads and engage your current members.

Whether you host an event or offer free training sessions for a limited time, you need a place to keep track of it all.

With ARC, you can attract, run, and connect to everyone. Contact us today for a quote.

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