Two Sisters on a Mission

July 15, 2022

Impacting the Fitness Industry through technology and creating communities that thrive

When Louise and Gray were little and running their make believe grocery stores, they never thought they would be working together as adults, until Louise decided she wanted to create a technology that could empower the fitness industry to attract customers, run their business and connect communities. About a 6 months ago, Louise invited her sister to join the company and be its CEO. Both women who are passionate about fitness and empowering businesses saw that they could join forces: Louise for the technology side and Gray for the development. Their mission: Offering the fitness industry a single platform so that they can do what they do best: make a difference with their clients’ health.

“Watching our prospective clients go through the demo process is the best part. About halfway through, their eyes light up and they start seeing how the software can really impact what they are up to.” says CEO Gray Videnka, ” I think they see we listen and that we are available to partner with them. Many owners out there feel like they are alone. We are out to impact that experience.”

What is the biggest  differentiator with the P2P  experience? 

Aside from being a single platform that does it all, Plan2Play offers an onboarding and support process with teams who listen to their customers and the software has the ability to connect people and communities.

These two women are making it their life’s purpose to connect people through technology and have their business thrive.

“We are out to disappear the age old problem in the fitness industry which is: What technology do I pick that is the best of the worst?” says Louise, CTO “Our company is being built on the core values my sister and I grew up with: integrity, innovation and humor. I grew up coding and went to coding camp at age 13, so to create a technology that is really impacting our partners is so fulfilling for me. I get to combine my passion for fitness, people and technology into what I do everyday – there is nothing better.”

Louise & Gray wheeling and dealing their grocery gig circa 1981.

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