What Employees Want from their Workplace

September 11, 2019
Engaged Work Environment

What Employees Want

Today, more than ever, employee retention is a must if you’re going to get the most out of your business. With so many opportunities out there, it’s easy to lose top employees when you don’t take the time to value them, respect them, and give them the benefits that they need. In this article, we’re going to explore the keys to giving your employees the workplace that they want, so you can be sure that your best talent is going to stay. Employing these tactics is easier than you think, and you’re going to be amazed by how it boosts morale.



Let’s begin with the most important thing of all. Employees want respect in the workplace. Let’s face it, we’re all human beings with busy lives. Employees have families, hobbies, hopes, and dreams, and all of these things need to be respected for them to feel good in the workplace. Respect comes down to respecting the work that they do, respecting their personal space, and respecting their needs and wants. The most profound way that to show respect is to merely listen to what employees say and implement the changes they wish to see.



When employees hear nothing, they think they’re not being seen. Once given feedback on performance, invite them to do the same. This shows care and value for what they feelings and their opinions. Giving feedback invests in having a long-term relationship. No one gives feedback to an employee that they don’t think they’ll have for long.



Everyone wants to feel appreciated, Approval Happy Employeeswhether that’s in our jobs, in our families, or in our social groups. When your employees feel appreciated, they’re much more likely to enjoy the workplace environment. Not only that but when you show appreciation, your employees are much more likely to continue and even enhance their performance. When someone tells you that you’re good at something and thanks you for it, can’t you see how this is great motivation to continue the behavior?



If your employees trust you, they’re much more likely to stay. Trust can be a rarity in the working world. We trust our families and friends, but often, we don’t trust the people that we work with. Creating trust doesn’t just mean between leadership and employees, it means creating trust among the employees, themselves. This creates a familiar, family-like feeling in the workplace which is guaranteed to improve employee retention.


Recognition and Inclusion

We’re going to use the word “inclusion” a5 Star Recognition lot here, but it’s absolutely vital. When you create an inclusive environment where everyone’s voice is being heard no matter their gender, sex, nationality, age, or background, you’re building upon all the qualities that we have already discussed. You’re building respect, appreciation, and trust. Everyone wants to be seen, not for their outward appearance, but for the person inside. Recognizing your stand-out employees and including everyone in all aspects of the workplace means that your employees can learn and grow together, like a team. A team-like feel is one of the keys to workplace happiness.


Employee Engagement

When the aspects listed above are met, employee engagement increases. Studies show that when employees are engaged they:

      • Have better relationships with the co-workers and management
      • Feel more confident in meeting their goals
      • Are encouraged to take action when they see a problem or opportunity
      • Cope well with changing work situations
      • Are more flexible in expanding work scope


How To Retain Top Talent?

Putting it all together, how do you retain top talent? Skills Top TalentGive credence to all the values listed above, and on top of that, you can add programs and activities that make the workplace feel like a diverse and exciting place to be. Consider an inclusion based wellness program to show employees they are valued. A more focused and impactful employee experience that uses technology to foster real-world interactions between employees. Our program brings everyone together to build teams and a positive company culture.  It offers variety in fitness activities, volunteering opportunities, and team-building exercises, which is easy to use and access. The key to making a wellness program successful is low effort and maximum usage in which everyone can easily take advantage. Diversity, inclusion, speaking and listening; are the hallmarks of a workplace that your employees are going to love.



We live in a fast-paced, chaotic world. What employees want is to have a workplace they look forward to coming to. An environment where they feel focused, included, appreciated, and thriving. Creating this kind of place is not as hard. It all begins with opening your eyes and truly seeing and respecting the human beings around you.

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