Why is Employee Engagement So Important?

October 15, 2019
Engagement and Goals

About Engagement

Engaged Work EnvironmentWhy is employee engagement so important?

When employees feel passionate about their work and are committed to their company  their productivity and level of effort sharply increases. 

On the contrary, disengaged employees will do the bare minimum at work and are more likely to increase employee turnover for your business. 

When there are mutual feelings of trust, respect, communication, and commitment, employees feel connected, give more to the organization and become much more positive overall. 

An engaged employee takes ownership and uses words like “we” and “our” more often, they will develop stronger working relationships among other employees and achieve higher productivity rates!

What is an Engaged Work Environment?

An engaged workplace is unique in that it encourages individual employees contributions. Employees should feel able to introduce new ideas and communicate with colleagues. In return, employers should provide clear goals, objectives, and promote reciprocal communication.

Individual Benefits of Engagement

Benefits of EngagementEmployee engagement is also about belonging, being valued, and respected in the workplace. The individual benefits of engagement include higher rates of job satisfaction, productivity, and happiness as well as an improved sense of inclusion.

When employees understand how they are helping an organization achieve its objectives. they will more than likely align their goals with the company’s and dedicate themselves to their work.

Employees will always benefit from feeling trusted and empowered. A highly engaged workplace will also provide employees with regular, constructive feedback. Employees will rely on this feedback to grow and develop new skills.

Organizational Benefits of Engagement

For the organization, an engaged, high performing workplace provides a variety of benefits. Increasing employee engagement often results in lower turnover and higher retention along with increased customer satisfaction.

As it raises its employee satisfaction, an organization will then benefit from more productivity and higher profitability. According to a Gallup Poll,  engaged employees are nearly 20% more productive than their peers.

Engaged employees maintain positive, can-do attitudes that result in improving business outcomes that contribute to their bottom line. They will also promote feelings of pride and loyalty for their organization. Above all else, engaged employees are advocates for their organizations which means they will always go the extra mile to complete tasks.

Getting ConnectedHow to Achieve Engagement

Employee engagement is essential to a company’s long-term success.  Start with an employee engagement strategy.  Here are several ways to make it happen.

1. Promote Shared Goals and Objectives

Employers should share their goals, business objectives, and mission statement. What makes this a great company? 

What is the organization doing to improve the human condition, the world, the environment, etc.? Ensure that these messages are clear, authentic and that the organization, as a whole, is consistently looking for ways to work towards these goals.

Promoting shared goals and objectives create higher engagement levels, a sense of purpose and a greater perspective of employee inclusion.

2. Create a Great Company Culture

Make it a workplace employee wants to be in! Above all, the organization should be inclusive, encouraging, supportive, and fun.

3. Listen to Employees

An organization should offer an environment in which employees feel valued and heard. Offer constructive feedback to improve employee performance and allow individuals to give feedback.

4. Create Employee Recognition

When an employee or team does a great job, let everyone know. Nothing encourages doing a good job as being appreciated. Encourage staff to celebrate each other’s successes as this one of the main drivers of engagement.

5. Encourage Work/Life Balance

Employees need to maintain a work/life balance. Taking time for themselves, their health and wellness, and families is important and improves the employee experience. Furthermore, as an employer, by supporting time away from work employees know that you care, and they feel respected coming into work each day. 

6. Congratulate Colleague Connections

Co-workers need to see one another as people. Above everything, the staff should feel connected to both management as well as their co-workers. Team-building exercises promote connections and interactions in and out of the workplace. Connections build engagement and encourage collaboration.

A Solution to Drive Engagement

Plan2Play for WorkWhile each organization must do the legwork to define employee engagement, our engagement management software offers human resources a solution that can help improve employee engagement.

Our solution uses a mobile app to build employee live and in-person connections. This unique solution connects people who want to participate in activities like playing a sport, running, and working out. In addition, employers can create team-building exercises, volunteer activities, and company social events. 

Our program promotes connections, inclusion, a sense of belonging, engagement, and health and wellness. With the help of our unique employee engagement program, employees and employers can begin to cultivate real engagement in their workplace.

Real-life activities promote connections and belonging. These two elements are essential for an engaging work environment, elevating employee discretionary effort and a healthy company culture. 

Contact us today to learn more and how to begin creating a truly engaged workplace.

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