Why Aren’t You Doing the Activities You Love

July 8, 2019

In today’s world, it is extremely easy to find yourself unable to do the activities that you love. While everyone may seem to be hyper-connected, it can be extremely difficult to find friends who enjoy the same activities as you. Whether you’re hoping to organize a friendly game of basketball or even a simple workout in the park, it may even seem impossible for this to happen. Below lists several reasons that this occurs as well as how Plan2Play offers a unique solution to our lack of community.


Activities You Love

Back whenPLAY we were kids, we can all remember going to school and making a friend. Playing on sports teams, on the playground together, and doing the activities you love. It seemed so easy. However, as adults, it has become much more difficult. Regardless, it is even more important to have a community of friends. Everyone has an intrinsic desire to feel as if they belong. Nobody wants to be lonely. Despite this, it can still be difficult to even discern the steps necessary for growing your group of friends.


Reasons Why It’s Hard to Develop a Community

Often, it is extremely difficult to begin developing and cultivating a new community of friends who have the same interests and pastimes as you. While it may seem as if you’re just lacking the social skills to make and build friendships. This is not the primary reason. Due to our modern lifestyles which result in busier schedules, our society has forces individuals to become much more isolated. Therefore, severely limited the opportunities for individuals to meet. Ultimately, it is a number of causes that have made it hard for you to do the activities that you love.


Today, these loner habits have become almost too strong to break. It has become socially acceptable to avoid group-outings. Our workplaces implement a number of new social habits that encourage a lack of community. With work demanding longer hours or forcing you to travel, you may feel unable to set times and organize a group to enjoy a pastime with. Plan2Play actively works to alleviate these issues.


A Unique Solution

Plan2Play will help you immediately begin doing activities that you love. You may be doing them with long-time friends. Or with new folks who have an interest in the same activities. All you have to do is 1) download the free application. 2) Select activities that you enjoy as well as the times you are available. 3) Invite others to join you. Even if you don’t have friends who are connected on Plan2Play, the app can find people for you! The app finds people with the same desires in your location and makes the connection for you!


This app is one of the best solutions for getting out there and fully enjoying life. You don’t want to be stuck inside all day. Plan2Play is committed to helping you find ways to enjoy the activities you love as often as you want to. Plus, you can quickly and easily begin cultivating a community of like-minded individuals and grow deeper in your friendships with them. Plan2Play does all the hard work of finding people and organizing the event. You don’t have to worry about the logistics or even sending reminders. Plus, it’s extremely easy to sign-up, so you should give it a try and embark on new adventures doing activities that you love.


Life is too short to waste it by not enjoy your favorite pastimes. Don’t settle for less! Download the Plan2Play app and get out there fully enjoying life.

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