Alicante, Spain and Padel

April 4, 2019
Alicante Spain

The Estrella Damm Alicante Open in Alicante, Spain

Enthusiasts of the World Padel Tour are gearing up for the exciting Estrella Damm Alicante Open 2019, held April 23rd till the 28th. Not only is this a heart-pounding Padel event, but the Estrella Damm Alicante Open is also a remarkable chance to see and enjoy all that Alicante, Spain, has to offer. We’re going to explore the top highlights, as well as what Alicante is known for. That way when the Padel is done, the games can really begin.


Introduction to Alicante

Located in Spain’s Costa Blanca region, Alicante is a top tourist destination famous for its endless sandy beaches and seaside charm. Take a stroll through old-town Alicante with its Mediterranean flair and be sure to see the medieval fortress that towers over the city. Cobblestone streets and whitewashed houses are the perfect backdrop for selfies.


Castle of Santa Barbara

One of the most important spots to visit in Alicante is the Castle of Santa Barbara. Located on Benacantil mountain, this remarkable castle has medieval Arab origins. With hints of the Spanish Golden Age and Moorish elements, the castle provides the perfect perch where you can see all of Alicante. Try to get up there in the morning to catch the sunrise or join the other tourists in the evening to gaze at the stars.


Explanada de EspañaExplanada de España

The perfect stroll through Alicante takes you down the Explanada de España. Start your tour in old-town and follow the path down towards the water and across the marina. This marble-laid promenade must be seen to be believed and is a common family walk that you’ll find in Spain. So much of Spanish culture involves strolling, people-watching, and taking in some fresh air. The Explanada de España allows you to do that in style. On really hot days, this is the place to be to feel the cool breeze in your hair.


Archaeological Museum

The MARQ Provincial Archaeological Museum provides the opportunity to delve into Alicante’s history and origins. Begin with an examination of prehistory starting with the hunter-gatherers, then make your way through the Iberian room with its pre-Roman archeological sites. Sculpture and ceramics abound, as do jewelry and other relics. There was a time in Alicante’s history where Christian, Islamic, and Jewish cultures lived amongst each other, and the museum puts all that on display.


Casco Antiguo

This old part of Alicante is built for just getting lost in. Located on the hillside just beneath the castle, Casco Antiguo is famous for its steep streets and whitewashed walls. Considered to be one of the most idyllic parts of Alicante, the decorated balconies and doorsteps have to be seen to be believed. Enjoy the colorful fresh flowers, and the iconic shutters painted in blue and green. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in this area to choose from.


Postiguet Beach

There are numerous beaches in Alicante, but Postiguet Beach is perhaps the most beautiful and enchanting. Located right next to old-town, Playa del Postiguet beckons you with its golden sand and gentle blue waves. Dip into the sea for a cool refresher and enjoy a picnic lunch on the sands. This is a very popular destination so be prepared for lots of tourists during the summer months.


Basilica of Santa MariaBasilica of Santa Maria

No visit to Alicante is complete without seeing the Basilica of Santa Maria. This is the oldest and perhaps the most beautiful church that Alicante has to offer, and it’s not far from Postiguet Beach. Santa Maria was actually built over a former mosque, which is common for many churches in Spain. This was completed in the 13th century and is still in great condition today. Be sure to carefully inspect the matching towers. One of them was built in the 13th century, while the other was built in the 1800s. The statue of Santa Maria is not to be missed.


The World Padel Tour

And of course, the crowning glory of Alicante this April is The Estrella Damm Alicante Open 2019. Whether this is your only stop, or you’re visiting all the exciting cities that host the World Padel Tour, you’re sure to delight in all the thrilling competition. For Padel enthusiasts, it’s the best of both worlds; your favorite sport, combined with one of the most gorgeous towns that Spain has to offer.

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