APTA Nationals

March 25, 2019
APTA Nationals March

APTA Husband/Wife Nationals – March 22

Region III in Greenville, DE

The Region III Husband/Wife Nationals was played Friday.  Last year’s returning champions, the team of Martin Bostrom and Florentina Hanisch entered the tournament as the number one seeded team.  This team consists of the current number one ranked woman player, Hannisch and her husband the current number 15th ranked player, Bostrom.

Hannisch is an American Platform Tennis Association National Champion, having won the women’s national champion in 2017 with partner Annica Von Starrenburg.  Hanisch is also a Childress Cup Winner with Von Starrenburg, winning in 2018-2019.

The husband/wife tournament consisted of four matches, the first match of which the number one ranked team received a bye.  They then proceeded to breeze through the tournament without losing a set on their way to the finals.  In the finals they played the second ranked team of Alison Morgan and Adam Morgan.  Coincidentally, the Bostrom/Hannisch team defeated the Morgan’s last year in the APTA Husband/Wife Nationals in the semifinals.

This year the Morgan’s entered the tournament as the second ranked team.  Alison Morgan is currently the 19th ranked player, while her husband is currently the 28th ranked player.  The Morgan’s also received a bye in their first match.  The only hiccup they encountered was in the semifinals where they lost the second set on their way to a three-set victory.

In the finals the team of Bostrom/Hanisch once again emerged victorious over the Morgan/Morgan team.  The final score, 7-6, 6-3.

Congratulations Florentina Hanisch and Martin Bostrom on your win as back-to back champions!


APTA Mixed Nationals – March 23

Region III held in Greenville, DE

The Mixed Nationals was a return of familiar faces.  The finals pitted the champions from the Husband/Wife 2019 Nationals, Florentina Hanisch and Martin Bostrom against familiar foes Lauren Gebbia and Drew Broderick.  Familiar because last season in the semi-final the team of Hanisch-Bostrom defeated the Gebbia-Broderick team in a thrilling three setter.

Gebbia is currently the 12th ranked player.  Her partner Drew Broderick is currently the fifth ranked player.  He is also a four-time APTA Men’s National Champion, having won in 2012 with partner Chris Gambino, and in 2015, 2016 and 2017 with Jared Palmer.  The team of Gebbia-Broderick also won the 2017 APTA Mixed Nationals.

This year the team of Gebbia-Broderick made it to the finals by defeating the second ranked team of Juan Arroya and Gabriela Niculescu in the semifinals 7-6, 6-4.

Their re-match with Hanisch-Bostrom would not prove so rewarding.  Hanisch-Bostrom defeated Gebbia-Broderick in straight sets, winning 6-4, 6-2 to claim the 2019 APTA Mixed Nationals Championship.

For those keeping score, the team of Hanisch-Bostrom are not only returning Champions of Husband/Wife and Mixed Doubles from 2018, it is now a clean sweep.  They are 2019 champions of both the Mixed Doubles and Husband/Wife.

Congratulations to Hanisch-Bostrom on defending their titles and being two-time champions!


APTA Men’s 145+, March 21

Hosted in Region I in Scarsdale, NY

Fun fact about the Men’s 145+ Nationals.  It is a two-man team.  The collective age of the team as of December 31, 2019 must equal at least 145 years!  I’m already impressed.

In the 145+ there are three matches guaranteed.  But the format still ensures a champion.  Last year the winners were Scott Estes, Sr. and Mike O’Donnell with a straight set win over Roy Anderson and Doug Barrow, 7-6, 6-1.  This year there were some familiar names in the final, albeit with different partners.

This year the finals placed the team of O’Donnell-Harlow v Barrow-Griggs.  First place was won by the team of O’Donnell-Harlow, 6-1, 6-3.

Third place went to the team of Estes-Garinger after they defeated Perssin-Tiltman team 6-4, 6-4.

Congratulations to the champions O’Donnell-Harlow and special congrats to returning champion of the APTA Men’s Nationals 145+, Mike O’Donnell.


APTA Men’s 50+/60+/70+ Nationals, March 22-24

Region 1 Hosted at Franklin Lakes New Jersey

Men’s 50+

The finals for the Men’s 50+ was a battle of the number one seed against the number two seeded team.  The number one team and defending champions in 50+ APTA Nationals consists of Ron Erskine and Michael Gillespie.  Gillespie was inducted to the Platform Tennis Hall of Fame in 2016.

The second ranked team members are both nationally ranked.  Jerry Albrikes is currently the 283rd ranked player.  He is also a previous APTA National Champion, having won it in 2010 with Johan du Randt.  Albrikes current partner, Jon Lubow is currently the 47th ranked player.

The semi-finals proved to be the nail-biting segment for both teams.  Erskine-Gillespie rebounded against the third ranked team of Anthony Cosimano and Jeff Hipkins.  Cosimano-Hipkins took the number one ranked team to three sets, winning the first set 6-1, they eventually dropped the last two sets 2-6, 1-6, putting Erskine-Gillespie in the finals.

The road to the finals was equally harrowing for Albrikes-Lubow as they played the fourth ranked team of Michael Atkinson and Oleg Tioutine.  Albrikes-Lubow won the first set 6-4, before dropping the second set 3-6, only to rebound in the third with a dominate 6-1 win.

Albrikes-Lubow rode their momentum slightly better into the finals, defeating the number one ranked team in straight sets, 6-4, 7-6.

Congratulations to the 2019 Men’s 50+ APTA National Champions, Jerry Albrikes and Jon Lubow.


Men’s 60+

The Men’s 60+ finals was a battle of the number one seed against the feisty number four seed.  The number one seeded team consist of Ivan Harlow, from Bridgewater New Jersey and his partner Jim Kaufman out of Greenwich, Connecticut.   They played against the upstart fourth ranked team of Eric Fromm from New Rochelle, New York and Robert Krauss from Short Hills, New Jersey.  The team of Fromm-Krauss made it to the finals with a defeat of the second seeded team in the semi-finals.

The finals held to form as Harlow-Kaufman roundly defeated Fromm-Krauss, 6-2, 6-2 to win the Men’s 60+ American Platform Tennis Nationals.

Congratulations to Ivan Harlow last year’s 60+ Champion, with partner Tim Brooke.  This year Harlow is the winner with Jim Kaufman, back-to-back champion.


Men’s 70+

While the Men’s 70+ APTA Nationals, gave us some familiar names, the competition was still as fierce.  The number one seeded team was comprised of Douglas Barrow of Roslyn Heights, New York and Mike O’Donnell from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey.  They played against the second ranked team of Scott Estes, Sr. and Steve Griggs.  Estes, Sr hails from Chatham, New Jersey while Griggs calls Guilford Connecticut home.

The final was a battle, as you would expect from these fierce competitors.  The team of Estes, Sr-Griggs emerged victorious after three grueling sets.  The first two sets both went to tiebreakers.  Estes, Sr-Griggs won the first set 7-5 and dropped the second set tiebreaker 5-7.  The third and final set proved less dramatic as Estes, Sr-Griggs managed a 6-4 victory to close out the match.

Congratulations to new champions, Scott Estes, Sr and Steve Griggs on their 2019 70+ APTA Men’s National Champions.  This stops the domination of O’Donnell and Barrow who had previously beaten Estes, Sr. and Griggs in 2018 and 2017,  in the finals.

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