APTA Team National Championships

April 9, 2019
APTA Team National Championships

National Championships

The Northern Chicago Suburbs hosted Region V, 2019 APTA Team Nationals, April 6-7.  The American Platform Tennis Association Team Nationals was previously called the APTA National League Championships.  In the team nationals, teams are self-selected.  Each team must consist of at least six players, and unlike the other APTA tournaments, the teams are comprised of players with similar ratings, as opposed to age-based divisions.

Teams take on teams from different towns, cities or states.  The teams meet for a two-day tournament.  The first day, the teams play three lines of doubles in a round robin format against the other teams in their group.  The next day, the top four teams then head to the semi-finals, with the best two teams meeting in the finals.

Unlike like last year, when the finals were played in a steady rain, this year the teams finished their games in the dry, mild Chicago April.



4.0     Team Exmoor

4.5     Team Boston Back-Sides

Captain: Katie Martin, Kerry Alvino, Melissa Abbott, Anna Asphar, Erica Curtis, Anne Schneider

5.0     Team Knicks Chicks

Captain: Leila Stuhr, Elaine Rankowitz, Annie Baumeister, Susie Minkowitz, Anne Santa-Maria, Chandy Smith

5.5     Team Hinsdale



3.5     Team Winnetka (Kalish Captain)

4.0     Team Lake Bluffers         

4.5     Team Boston 1

Marshall Chapin, IIya Levin, Nate Burns, Drew Sawyer, Jason Evans, Amin Khadduri, Ethan Brown

5.0     Team Boston 2

Ethan Brown, Eric Brown, Jeff Carter, Mike Kellog, Chris Doran, Chris Jaynes, Phil Sheridan


Thank you, Mike Rahaley, Director of Racquet Sports for the names of each winning team and the members.

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