The Most Epic Women’s US Open Matches

August 24, 2017

We recently posted our Most Epic Men’s US Open Matches, so it is only fair to commend some awesome women’s tennis as well. Some major names like Martina Navratilova, Margaret Court, Monica Seles, Tracy Austin, and Kim Clijsters, have battled it out for the US Open title. Chris Evert and Serena Williams are tied for the most Open Era US Open Titles with 6 wins each. Steffi Graf follows behind them with 5 Open Era US Open Titles.


The first match we have to share with you is the Steffi Graf vs Monica Seles in the 1995 US Open Singles Final. This match is significant because it marked the first meeting between Seles and Graf since Seles’ stabbing in 1993. During the match Graf narrowly wins the first set and is later bageled by Seles in the second. However, in true Graf fashion aka the third set problem solver and survivor, she took the third set 6-3 and declared victory.  This match did not only reignite an old rivalry, but it also left many fans questioning “What if Monica Seles was not stabbed in 1993” and how different top players like Steffi Graf’s career would be.

The 1999 US Open Final match between a young Serena Williams and Martina Hingis is significant because it marks a new tennis era referred to as the Williams Era. Not only does this mark an new era, but it also marks one of the longest and most high-quality spans of dominance within tennis. In comparison Evert bookended her first final in 1975 with her last one in 1984; Martina Navratilova bookended her first U.S. Open final in 1981 with her last one in 1991; and Steffi Graf bookended her first final in 1987 with her last one in 1996. Serena declared victory at 6-3, 7-6(4)

In 2003 Justine Henin and Jennifer Capriati had an intense Semifinal match where Henin eventually won 4-6,7-5, 7-6(4). The match was rain delayed and lasted over three hours, 17 hours later Henin had to play Kim Clijsters in the finals. People commend this double stack-achievement of winning the semi-final and final match. This match was also significant because people considered this Capriati’s last best shot at a US Open Final. Capriati was known as being one of the youngest and best tennis talents in history, however she social troubles and had to take a break from tennis. Many people considered her a loss of potential talent.

During Serena’s tennis reign Serena has gone gaps without claiming a US Open Title, and between 2009-2011 Serena did not claim a championship.  However, in the 2012 final Williams beat Azarenka 6-2, 2-6, ad 7-5. This victory affirmed Serena’s right to be considered a top women’s player in the world. Azarenka and Williams’ rivalry is strong, but in the end Williams continuously came out on top.

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