Are Healthy People More Productive?

July 2, 2019
healthy people more productive

How does your health affect your productivity and are healthy people more productive? Although many focus on the negative elements that stem from an unhealthy lifestyle, it is extremely easy to lose sight of the benefits that a healthy life provides. While your waistline will definitely suffer from no-exercise and poor eating, your mind and productivity will also be harmed. Over the past several years, a number of scientists have embarked on studies to reveal the radical increase in productivity that healthy people achieve. Keep on reading for the background as to why healthy people are more productive. As well as steps that you can implement into your own life to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Whether that’s eating more fruits, exercising, or downloading the Plan2Play application.


Why Does My Productivity Suffer?

Are healthy people more productive? First off, it is important to understand the connection between your brain and productivity. On the most basic of levels, your brain requires the most energy to function at a high level. As a result, its energy levels must be kept much higher than the rest of the body. Which means that when you eat unhealthily, your brain suffers the most. When your lifestyle is less-than-optimal, your brain will not be able to run efficiently. Resulting in a significant decrease in your productivity. Your brain needs enough fuel to run the entire day without going into the red. A healthy lifestyle enables your brain to achieve consistent productivity. In fact, a number of studies have revealed that workers who both ate healthily and exercised frequently experienced better performance in their workplace as well as a lower number of absences.


The Benefits of Healthier EatingDiet and how healthy people more productive

Our diet is one of the most important aspects that regulate the productivity of our brains. In short, different foods release different nutrients that control how our body and brain function. Food is one of the most-influential impactors on one’s productivity and attention span. As a result, one way to begin improving how you eat is by researching foods you commonly eat to see whether they are loaded with good nutrients. This will provide your brain will fuel all-day, or if they are sugary treats that will be burned through in no time.


Sleep is Important, Too

It is also extremely important to get the right amount of sleep! Without this, you are setting yourself up for failure if you expect to be productive. Most studies recommend between 7-9 hours every night, but more than forty percent of Americans are not reaching this threshold. By going to bed a little bit earlier every night, you can quickly improve your cognitive performance as well as raise your awareness.


How Exercise Can Help

Likewisehealthy people more productive and working out, engaging in regular amounts of exercise on a consistent basis can also set you on the right track towards increased productivity. Much like food provides the fuel for our brains, regular exercise is another significant source of power for our minds. Similarly, studies have also recognized the benefits of exercise in boosting productivity! As a result, if you are not consistently exercising and find yourself experiencing a decrease in productivity, you may want to consider implementing a plan.

However, if you find yourself stuck in performing the same, boring exercise routine, the consider playing a sport and finding people to be active with. The Plan2Play FREE app connects people that want to do activities, such as play a game of tennis, basketball, soccer… in the same location, with the same availability.


Corporate Wellness Programs

If your company provides a Health and Wellness Program you may want to investigate it and see how it can help!

If you are a company and are looking for an effective wellness program that is affordable, gives employees the freedom to choose activities, times, and locations that work for each individual, Plan2Play has a wellness solution for you!


Play Away

Play your way to a healthier you and increase your productivity to new levels! Healthy people are more productive so what are you waiting for? Plan2Play for a healthier, happier, more productive you!



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