How Healthy Employees Reduce Corporate Costs

June 24, 2019

Corporate Wellness

Can healthy employees reduce corporate costs? Nowadays, “Corporate Wellness” is fast becoming a buzzword. Although not a new concept, employees’ health has become one of the major concerns for many businesses today. Employee wellness moves to the forefront of employers’ minds. Moreover, since the competition is tough, the economy remains challenging, and the healthcare costs continue to increase. Business owners are shifting their focus to reducing the tangible and intangible costs by ensuring their employees’ wellbeing.

Reduced Absenteeism

You will agree that healthy employees are less likely to take any days off. Surprisingly, this translates to a notable decrease in the number of sick days your employees take. A study conducted by Brigham Young University reveals a 27% reduction in absenteeism in employees who follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Improved Productivity

Every business thrives when employees work hard. A study conducted by BYU reports that employees who eat healthily perform 25% better throughout their day. Furthermore, different studies by the Harvard School of Public Health and the World Economic Forum discover that employees with healthy habits are 3.1 times more productive than their unhealthy peers.

Improve Morale

Healthier employees Moralehave high morale, which further creates a strong corporate culture. Also, a health program can lead to strong networking between supervisors and coworkers, allowing employees to feel valued and appreciated. In turn, fostering a positive impact on employee morale and job satisfaction.

Replace the typical inactive behavior of deskbound work with creative options. Arranging team outings, like workouts during lunch hour, or playing a game, to motivate employees to leave the sedentary working space, boost morale, and provide team-building time.

Fewer Workplace Accidents

A report reveals that presenteeism (working while sick) causes 8 times less productivity, affecting the overall performance of the company. In contrast, healthier employees stay focused at work, which not only improves the productivity of the business but also boosts workers’ efficiency.

Exercising releases endorphins, the happy hormones, which improve cognitive function and increase energy levels. This can reduce the risks of injury and accidents that could possibly occur in the workplace.

Improved Brand Image

Healthier employees participate more in business activities. However, you probably noticed that advertisers usually include images of fit go-getters in their advertisements. Their presence is appealing to everyone.

When employees feel and look healthier, they create a persona for the brand. Not to mention, when people enter the office and interact with employees, they feel the positive vibe that healthier people create. This will further lead to better customer engagement. Although clients may like the company’s products or services, they will love the staff’s energy.

Which Health and Wellness Program?

Believe it or not, health and wellness programs can improve employee’s productivity in two ways. First, a healthier team feels better, motivated, has more energy; therefore, the team is more capable of focusing and working hard. Second, creating a healthy environment contributes to employees’ happiness.

Employers who encourage employees to take care of their health indirectly show them that they value their wellbeing. Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to enjoy their jobs and feel happier at work. According to research, happy and satisfied employees are 12% more productive than unhappy staff.

When it comes to incorporate a wellness program, look for a solution that is customizable for everyone. Since every employee is different, opt for a wellness program that incorporates flexibility. Employees should feel comfortable and not intimidated.

Plan2Play Wellness Program

Plan2Play offers just that flexibility. Employees can select the activity they like, the time and location that works for them. The Plan2Play mobile app does the rest. It finds others with the same desires and connects individuals. For corporate wellness programs, the application tracts activities and provides that data in an easy to use dashboard for the employer. Employers don’t have to schedule or plan activities. The Plan2Play app does it and provides the data when the activity is complete. Employees are not restricted to do activities with other employees. All Plan2Play activities are captured in the data. Find out more about Plan2Play solutions for Corporate Wellness Programs and Individuals!


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