Loneliness in the Workplace

July 11, 2019
Loneliness in the Workplace

Loneliness in the workplace is a growing trend among various employers. Loneliness can lead to several negative consequences. Offices may seem to be more connected now than ever before. However, most workers admit to still feeling lonely and isolated. Several factors that lead to this increase in fear include remote work, a limited amount of human interactions, and technology that further remove friendship from the office. Often, individuals may be working in a crowded, busy office building. They admit feeling a lack of connection. Keep on reading for several factors that have resulted in these feelings. In addition, ways that Plan2Play will help remedy this overwhelming growth of loneliness.


What Causes Loneliness

AlthoughLoneliness loneliness may seem to simply result from a lack of connection, there are a few factors that frequently introduce these feelings as well as heighten their effects. For example, many employees admit that their loneliness arises from isolation from a team. Feeling as if their efforts and talents have been unnoticed. Often, these begin to result in employees perceiving themselves as invisible.

Likewise, if employees are unable to share emotion and exchange feelings of both happiness and sadness, they will be unable to build the bonds that essentially connect to feeling appreciated in their workplace. With the rise in freelancing as well as much-more flexible schedules, employees have the ability to stay away from their office where the community grows. This results in a limited amount of co-worker engagements and interactions. A number of business leaders reveal findings that remote workers are the most likely group to quit their jobs.

Employers should always be on the lookout to immediately connect new hires as well as show them appreciation. These early interactions are essential in fostering a sense of community and belonging. By building real relationships and friendships among employees, you can begin proactively preventing these causes of loneliness.


Negative Consequences of Loneliness

One of the most prominent consequences of loneliness is that it severely limits productivity and often results in your best workers quitting! According to recent studies, most employees admit that they will leave their jobs if they feel disconnected from their community and peers. Furthermore, a decrease in worker engagement is always associated with a drain on productivity. A number of studies have consistently shown that friendships and relationships are essential to productivity, engagement, and happiness in their workplace environment.

Lonely employees have also been found to be less approachable and less committed to the company than their colleagues. Loneliness also spreads among groups. It is extremely easy for the negative feelings to spread like a virus.  Because they are overwhelmed by their loneliness, they may begin performing less and might cost companies their top workers. Overall, there are a number of negative consequences that stem from loneliness. However, Plan2Play dedicates itself to helping with this issue!


How Plan2Play Helps with Loneliness in the Workplace

Plan2Play helps alleviate this issue by proactively working to connect employees with similar interests. With an easy-to-use application that helps people find others that are interested in the same activities they love. Plan2Play connecting individuals in the pursuit of happiness and enjoyment! This app connects employees in-and-out of the workplace as they begin to find others. Whether you enjoy playing basketball, working out, or going for runs. Plan2Play will introduce you to a community of like-minded individuals and enable you to join them! By connecting to your contact list or finding new friends based on your location, Plan2Play stands apart from any other app in its ability to connect old and new friends. Find out more.

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