Marbella, Spain and Padel

February 28, 2019
marbella spain

Exploring Cervezas Victoria Marbella Master in Marbella, Spain

With so much buzz about Padel, the fastest growing racquet sport in the world, isn’t it time that you learned the ins and outs of the game, the most important upcoming Padel event, and the gorgeous town of Marbella, Spain, where it all takes place? Of course, it is! Let’s explore.

World Padel Tour

The Cervezas Victoria Marbella Master is set to take place March 19th-24th, 2019, but before you grab your racquet and lace up your shoes, let’s take a look at what makes Padel so unique, and why it’s high time you got yourself out on the court.

Padel Centers are springing up all over the US. For instance, you can challenge someone to a match in Texas, Florida, California, and so many more states. Let’s answer some key questions before you become a Padel junkie.

What is Padel?

This exciting racquet sport combines elements of squash and tennis. You can play the game indoors or outdoors, and it’s played in doubles, so it’s not hard to get a game going.

Invented by Enrique Corcuera of Mexico, the first Padel club was founded in 1974. The reason why it didn’t gain instant popularity in the US is because it was busy being a sensation in Spain for many years. That is the home of the World Padel Tour, operating since 2005. Today, over 10 million people play the game, making it the fastest growing sport in the world.

Why Should You Love Padel?

There are countless reasons why you should join in on the fun, but we’re going to highlight just a few. For starters, Padel takes you out into the open air, and it’s great when you want to improve your overall fitness and flexibility. Simple and straightforward, the game is easy to learn and there are no requirements in terms of age, fitness level, or background.

You can find Padel courts throughout Spain, and there, it’s a great way of meeting people and engaging in a bit of competition. But with so many clubs popping up in the US, it’s a smart idea to seriously get into the sport before everyone else does. That way, you can say that you were a US Padel original.

The Main Event: Cervezas Victoria Marbella Master

Now, whether you can play or not, watching some major Padel titans is something that you’ll never soon forget. The main event is the Cervezas Victoria Marbella Master, and whether or not you’re just venturing there for the Padel, you’re going to find that Marbella itself has some pretty amazing things to offer the whole family.

Marbella is a stunning old Spanish town with tons of culture, nightlife, fantastic cuisine, and beautiful weather year-round. Situated on the Costa del Sol, Marbella offers many things that can keep tourists busy during the Padel competition, or anytime during the year. Let’s take a look at what you have in store for you:

  1. Beaches: No matter the time of years, the beaches of Marbella are sure to delight. The Costa del Sol has stunning sandy beaches dotted with beach bars that serve refreshing drinks and Marbella, Spain for PadelMediterranean cuisine. The beaches are clean, safe, and welcoming for the entire family.
  1. Paseo Marítimo: This beachside promenade is where all the locals go, and no holiday to Marbella is complete without taking a stroll here. Take in the view, soak in the sun, and be sure to walk along the promenade at sunset. This wooden boardwalk takes you all the way to Puerto Banus, and even as far as San Pedro.
  1. Old Town Marbella: This historical Old Town is a gem that tourists flock to. Located just up Avenida Ricardo Soriano, Old Town offers a picturesque view into ancient architecture along its cobbled streets. Enjoy boutique shopping, bars, eateries, galleries, and so much more. Old Town is a world unto itself in Marbella.
  1. La Alameda Park: Just south of Old Town, La Alameda Park has a famous central fountain covered in traditional Andalusian tiles. Enjoy the huge tropical plants, colorful benches, and the air of tranquility that surrounds you. This is a great place for a picnic, any time of year.
  1. Shopping: What’s a vacation without a little shopping? Certainly, if you’re dragging your wife to the Cervezas Victoria Marbella Master, then you’re going to need to spoil her a little when you’re not sitting courtside. Marbella is a wonderful place to shop, as there are so many clothing stores along its winding streets. Tourists flock to Old Town for the shoes, accessories, gifts, toys, and so much more. Find high-end brands such as Versace, Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, and Armani.
  1. Eating Out: If you’re in Marbella to play Padel, then you’re going to need to fuel up after a match. Marbella features fantastic Mediterranean cuisine such as traditional tapas and fresh ingredients with a whole lot of Spanish flare. Enjoy paella on the beach, or choose a quaint restaurant in Old Town. In Marbella, there’s something to suit every taste and budget.
  2. The Cervezas Victoria Marbella Master: It’s time to kick off the World Padel Tour. From March 19th till the 24th, the Elena Benítez Sports Pavilion will play host to the event. Enjoy men’s and women’s Padel matches on two central courts. Two of the most famous Andalusian players, Paquito Navarro and Carolina Navarro, will be in attendance. The crowd is full of life when the players hit the court, and everyone can’t wait to see who will end up with the San Pedro Alcántara Trophy.

Tickets are selling fast for this remarkable event set in beautiful Marbella, Spain. There’s nothing like the first tournament of the year in the Padel World Tour!

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