Nanning, China, Hosts the 2019 Sudirman Cup

April 18, 2019
Nanning, China

In 2019, the famous Sudirman Cup is to be held in Nanning, China, on May 19th-26th, and that means that you have plenty of time to book your tickets, pack your bags, and learn a little about Nanning, China, before you go!

There is so much that Nanning has to offer, so if badminton isn’t enough to satisfy your curiosity, there are tons of parks, mountains, and caves to explore. There’s nothing better than Nanning’s local cuisine. It’s the capital of Guangxi, situated in the southern region of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Here are some of the best things about this remarkable city during your visit to the Sudirman Cup:


Nanning People’s Park:

This stunning park was built in 1951 and is located in Central Nanning, near downtown. Some refer to the park as the White Dragon Park, due to its proximity to the White Dragon Lake. There are 141 steps upon entering the park, and once you make your way to the summit you’ll be greeted with the Ancestral Hall, built to honor 6 main figures who helped to develop Guangxi. From there, enjoy panoramic views of Nanning that are definitely photo-worthy.


Detian Waterfall:

The Detian Waterfall is one of the main highlights of Nanning and only costs you about a dollar to view. It’s situated in Daxin County close to Nanning city, and it’s famous for being the largest waterfall in Asia, and the second-largest transnational waterfall in the world. Towering 230 feet high, the waterfall is sure to amaze and makes for an excellent photo opportunity. Detian Waterfall is open year-round, but it is always changing according to the season. During the spring, enjoy bright red blossoms along with the kapok trees. In winter, the water drops more gently and serenely. The best time to visit is April till November, so it’s perfect during your visit to the Sudirman Cup.


Guangxi Ethnics Relics Center:

Located in downtown Nanning, this outdoor exhibit is an extension of the Guangxi Museum and features items from the minority communities. Enjoy folk performances during the festivals, as well as other live presentations that highlight Guangxi culture. Be sure to look out for the huge bronze drum at the entrance of the center, and immerse yourself in the customs and lifestyle of the minorities of Guangxi.


Hike up Qingxiu Mountain:

Just 5.6 miles southeast of Nanning is this majestic mountain that tourists love. It borders the Yongiiang river, and no visit to Nanning is complete without taking a hike here. Be sure to visit the Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Spot that takes you about an hour to reach on foot. From that vantage, you’ll be able to see why it’s referred to as Green Mountain because you’ll be surrounded by lush greenery, rolling hills, pristine air, and so much more. This mountain is one of the Eight Famous Sceneries of Nanning, and temples once lined the hillsides before they were destroyed by war and flames. Be sure to visit the simple pagoda on the peak of the mountain, known as Longxiang Pagoda. You can climb to the top of the pagoda to enjoy a panoramic view of Nanning. Be sure to visit during the spring when the Peach Festival takes place. When the peach blossoms are in full bloom, you’re not going to believe your eyes.


Nanning Zhongshan Snack Street:

Who doesn’t like a good snack? And no doubt, watching the exciting Sudirman Cup is going to give you an appetite. Zhongshan Snack Street is one of the best destinations in Nanning. It’s full of life and delicious snacks that locals and tourists flock to when they have a hankering. Enjoy numerous stalls where vendors sell authentic dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Order some barbecued seafood, deep-fried treats, or meat skewers. There is also a fun night market on this street that begins at 6 pm. Everyone needs a late-night snack.


Nanhu Lake Park:

This magnificent park spans .5 square miles in the southeastern area of Nanning City. A whole quarter of the park is actually a lake. During the Tang Dynasty, the lake was created during a disastrous flood. Today, its simple beauty draws locals and tourists to its shores. Nanhu Lake is the perfect place to bring a picnic lunch and relax. Enjoy the gorgeous natural life that surrounds you, such as various plants and flowers. Take some photos from the iconic nine-arch bridge, and cozy up to one of the fish restaurants within the park that sells savory seafood. This is a great place that the whole family is going to love, and if you enjoy fishing, this is the place for you.


Yiling Cave:Yiling Cave

One of the most remarkable sites near Nanning, Yiling Cave is located in Wuming County, which is 11.1 miles from the city of Nanning. The cave was formed millions of years ago and features a range of stalagmites and stalactites with flowering shapes. Within the cave, you receive a tutorial on the culture and folklore of the Zhuang minority. To make the cave even more stunning, it is lit up in a rainbow of colors, giving visitors an excellent photo opportunity.


Sudirman Cup, the Ultimate Badminton Event

Now that you know the best of the best in Nanning, it’s time to get packing. The Sudirman Cup is the ultimate badminton event, and it’s smart to hold it in Nanning because the city itself is a destination that none soon forget. What makes it even better is that Nanning is an unfamiliar travel destination in China, so if you go at the right time, you’ll practically have the place to yourself. But that is certainly not the case during the Sudirman Cup!

With so many natural attractions, cultural sights, and delicious cuisine, Nanning is just the holiday destination that you’ve been hoping for. If you need to take a break from badminton because the excitement is too much for you, then go for a hike, lounge by a lake, eat some seafood, and enjoy all that beautiful Nanning, China, has to offer.

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