Player Profile: Serena Williams

August 8, 2017

Since we covered Roger Federer, I thought it was only fair to cover Serena Williams. Williams is arguably the female equivalent to Federer in terms of career dominance. Out of active players, Serena holds the most titles. Williams has 72 titles and has played in 92 finals. However, she is still behind Martina Navratilova who has won 167 titles, Chris Evert with 157, and Steffi Graf with 107.

Here are some career facts about Serena Williams

  1. Serena has the most Grand Slam titles: 23
  2. Holds the most record for most matches won: 316 matches
  3. Holds the record for most Australian Open Titles: 7 Australian Open Titles
  4. Is tied in the record for most US Open Titles won with Chris Evert: 6 US Open Titles
     sports tennis winner williams competition GIF
  5. Won 3 French Open Titles
  6. Won 7 Wimbledon Titles
  7. Has a 89.01% Win Percentage in the Australian Open, behind Monica Seles who had a 91.49%
  8. ODD STAT: In her last 16 slams she has had seven wins and seven exits in the 4th round
  9. After the “Williams Slam” at Wimbledon 2009, Serena obtained the number one seed in both doubles and singles
     tennis serena williams venus williams sisters GIF
  10. She was ranked No.1 for 253 weeks, behind Graf(377), Navratiolva(332), and Evert (260)
  11. She carries around Nail Polish in her tennis bag
  12. Her favorite city in the world is Rome
  13. She listens to David Bowie’s “Fame” to get through a tough workout
  14. She has won the most prize money out of any other female athlete ($84 million)

Oh, and Serena is pretty good at trick shots.

Tennis Trick Shots Ft. Serena Williams | Dude PerfectYoutube. N.p., n.d. Web. 8 Aug. 2017.

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