Player Profile: Simona Halep

August 17, 2017

The other player profile we have to share with you is Simona Halep who is currently No. 2 in the WTA rankings.  Halep and Pliskova are pretty evenly matches along with Angelique Kerber who holds No.3.   Similar to Pliskova, Halep has never won any Grand Slams.

Player Facts:

  • Halep has won 15 Career Titles
    • 2017: Madrid
    • 2016: Madrid, Bucharest, Montreal
    • 2015: Shenzhen, Dubai, Indian Wells
    • 2014: Doha, Bucharest
    • 2013: Nurnberg, Hertogenbosch, Budapest, New Haven

 simona halep GIF

As we can see, Halep is a pretty accomplished player even though she has not won a Grand Slam Title (yet).

  • Turned Pro in 2005
  • Is currently 25 years old
  • Win percentage for this year to date is 30/9 meaning 81%
  • Win percentage for career is 69%
  • 2017 Roland Garros Finalist
  • Enjoys play on all surfaces
  • Her tennis idols are Justin Henin and Roger Federer
  • Plays for Romania

Even if Halep does not win the US Open,  we will most likely be seeing more of these fist pumps

Tennis Channel excited tennis fist pump wta GIF

because she is a great player with a very decent win percentage.


Here are some highlights of Halep’s best 2016 shots, let hope we see more of these at this coming tournament!

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