Smoothie vs. Real Food Diet

August 8, 2019
Smoothie vs. Real Food Diet

Smoothie vs. real food diet, how do they compare? Everyone is searching for a quick fix, weight-loss program, and smoothies have recently arisen as one of the top alternatives to traditional diets. While it may appear as a simple, easy way to lose weight, experts have begun to indicate that an over-reliance on smoothies may result in a number of health issues. Keep on reading for more information on smoothies versus a traditional food diet as well as healthy ways to pursue a new eating lifestyle.


What’s Really in My Smoothie?

While smoothies may seem to be one of the healthiest beverages, they often possess a number of hidden qualities that carry dangerous consequences. Regardless of whether your smoothie is home-made or store-bought, they may possess high amounts of sugar, calories, and fat. Although these nutrients are healthy in small amounts, smoothies often boost the total amount you ingest. Dietitians recommend that smoothies should be kept under 350 calories, but most store-bought smoothies are in the range of 500 to 600 While the number of calories you should consume per meal will vary for each person, dietitians recommend consuming between 300-400 calories at breakfast and 500-700 calories at both lunch and dinner. As a result, consuming one store-bought smoothie at breakfast will nearly double the number of calories you should consume, and even accompanying a normal meal with a smoothie will add unnecessary amounts of calories.

Smoothie vs. Real Food Diet and sugar

Sweet Smoothies

Smoothies are also often loaded with sugar that can cause unintended weight gain along with other consequences. Jamba Juice, often regarded as a healthy restaurant, sells a banana-berry smoothie which has 59 grams of sugar for 16 ounces. Similarly, store-bought and homemade smoothies rely on excessive amounts of sweetener to entice consumers to continue drinking them. This reveals that these heightened amounts of sugar can destroy your blood sugar and increase feelings of lethargy and crankiness. This rush of sugar causes a dramatic spike in your blood sugar which leaves you tired and hungry a few hours later. These heightened levels of sugar can be dangerous, overpowering any benefits of drinking smoothies.


Whole Foods

Although smoothies may be beneficial in small amounts, there are several other ways in which you can begin eating healthy. Even though smoothies may appear to promise quick weight loss, nothing compares to eating a healthy, real food meal. Dietitians often recommend against pursuing a smoothie-diet as it simply is not sustainable. For example, smoothies often lack proper amounts of protein. This means you will still feel hungry after consuming hundreds of calories.  By focusing on consuming fruits, vegetables, and whole foods, you can lose weight and maintain your body without severe hunger pangs.


Get Moving

Along with implementing these healthy eating practices, you may also consider getting moving. If you want to jumpstart your weight loss program, exercise and be more active. Physical activity is essential for any healthy lifestyle, and Plan2Play is an easy-to-download way to begin working out. It offers the flexibility to vary your routines every day while making new friends in the process. Extra bonus, it is free!


After Workout Treat

As for smoothies, they may be the perfect treat after your workout. Studies have revealed that your body better absorbs sugar after physical activity, and a smoothie may be a good option for replenishing vital nutrients. Plus, the more active you are, the better your body will process and absorb smoothies.


Smoothie vs. Real Food Diet

Overall, an all-smoothie diet is not sustainable and rarely results in long-term benefits. As a result, individuals hoping to become healthier should implement a wide range of habits in order to proactively pursue achievable goals. Smoothie vs. real food diet, obviously real food wins. With the help of Plan2Play, you can easily uncover ways to enjoy working out while eating healthier.

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