Valladolid Spain

June 7, 2019
Valladolid Spain

And Padel

The World Padel Tour is one of the most exciting professional padel circuits and 2019 is already turning out to be a great year for it. This year’s installment of the tour is the most international one yet since it has cities like London, Sao Paulo, and Mexico on the list. This means Padel fans from all over the world can experience watching the sport on an international stage.

The city of Valladolid is gaining recognition for its dedication to the sport and is titled the World Capital of Padel for 2019. Padel has its roots the embedded in the city’s amazing culture, and this loyalty is what changed the Valladolid test from an open to master.

The reason behind Padel World Tour choosing Valladolid for a master tournament involves its various tourist attractions and cultural sites.

Fans looking forward to the World Padel Tour should consider making a stop in Valladolid for the Valladolid Master 2019, which is taking place from June 15 to 23. The city has a lot to offer aside from its enthusiasm for the racquet sport.

Valladolid Master 2019 Venues

One of the main things padel fans are excited about is the fantastic venues for the test in Valladolid. For the first few days, spectators will get to enjoy watching players battle it out at the La Raqueta Club. After that, the test will continue at the stunning Plaza Mayor.

The Plaza Mayor has been hosting the test for the last few years and manages to exceed expectations each time. This year, the turnout is expected to be the largest ever, as many people enjoy coming to the central location in the city for different events.

Around here, visitors can find wonderful places to take an evening stroll, and there are numerous shops and restaurants around that give a unique experience. The plaza’s distinct design is a great example of Spain’s early urban architecture.

Sights to See in Valladolid, Spain

Museo Nacional de Escultura (National Museum of Sculpture)

When it comes to sculpture, the National Museum of Sculpture is the most prominent of all because it holds such an exceptional collection. The works housed here range from the Middle Ages to the Baroque, for which visitors will observe a large number of polychrome wood-based works by the likes of Alonso Cano, Gregorio Fernandez, and Alonso Berruguete.

Iglesia de San Pablo

The Iglesia de San Pablo is a former covenant and church and is designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. It has Isabelline style architecture, also referred to as Isabelline Gothic, which was the main type of architecture practiced in the late 15th century.

From the outside, visitors are blown away by its magnificent façade. However, it couldn’t be any more different from the inside, quaint and simplistic.

Foods to Enjoy in Valladolid

As visitors and tourists spend their time in the amazing city, they’ll come across plenty of opportunities to try the local cuisine.

It’s highly recommended that tourists experience traditional dishes like lamb roast from a firewood oven. Locally known as asados, roasting the meat requires intense preparation and long cooking time that delivers a delicious flavor.

Desserts include custard-like options such as natillas, and even pastries like rosquillas de pan castellano, hojuelas, and mariquitas.

Most importantly, you should never forget to try the local tapas. Coincidentally, the ideal location for the best tapas in Valladolid is near Plaza Mayor. Here, you’ll find numerous eateries like La Tasquita, Villa Paramesa, and La Cárcava, where tapas are served with other delicacies and the finest of wines.


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