Plan2Play for Work Creates Company Culture Through Real-Life Interactions

November 14, 2019

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Plan2Play is a workplace engagement solution that uses technology to build engaging company culture by fostering meaningful connections between employees through real-world interactions. The pilot program has launched.

Durham, Nov 14, 2019  – Wanna Play LLC’s unique new Plan2Play for Work platform is designed to eliminate the excuses and restrictions or “barriers” that most people face when organizing activities. The company looks to make a difference to solve the ever-increasing social media and technology addiction—which has, as most people will agree, become an epidemic.

The Plan2Play for Work platform offers employers a solution to promoting employee engagement in the workplace through interaction in the real world (outside of only social media and technology). Designed to encourage people to participate in the activities they love (which can, in turn, promote mental and physical wellness), Plan2Play’s mission is to put an end to society’s newfound technology addiction and the ever-increasing issue of social isolation in the workplace and in society overall.

Employers and business leaders now have the ability to create the robust company culture they’ve been looking for—through viable real-life interactions. Using the Plan2Play Connect application, employees indicate their interests and availability for outside or inside “in-person activities” chosen by the employer, and Plan2Play for Work does the rest.

Employers can use Plan2Play for Work to create activities that can be aligned with contests or company events, and then be able to track and analyze the activity data.

Plan2Play for Work Wellness Monitor

Why Should Businesses Implement Plan2Play for Work?  

Today, people are every company’s biggest asset. Developing social relationships extends life expectancy and increases productivity, happiness and employee satisfaction, Plan2Play for Work is all about increasing internal social interactions, which helps produce better customer service, great products, and above all, an amazing company culture. Plan2Play for Work also supports employers to increase employee productivity, happiness, and satisfaction, and reduce turnover.

How Can Businesses Put Plan2Play for Work To Use in the Workplace? 

  1. The company’s HR team is currently using spreadsheets to keep track of wellness rewards and contests, the Plan2Play for Work system automates all that.
  2. Do employees want to know who is available for lunch? The Plan2Play app is the perfect way to synch up and engage with everyone in the company who is available.  Create better company culture with Plan2Play for Work Connect App
  3. Want to schedule a company event? Use the Plan2Play dashboard to see what people are interested in attending or who would like to help coordinate, etc.
  4. Want to promote knowledge transfer and workplace engagement? Have the Plan2Play app remind employees to schedule an activity or coffee with one person they don’t know.
  5. New hire? Using the Plan2Play app, remind employees to schedule an activity with the new person.

The cost-effective Plan2Play for Work system is launching now and set to go live in January 2020, interested parties can learn more by scheduling a demo and be added to the Plan2Play for Work pre-launch list.

Visit: and complete the form at the bottom of that webpage and a member of the Plan2Play team will arrange a meeting and the demo.

For general media questions or to arrange a discovery meeting with the Plan2Play for Work team, contact Laurie Pehar Borsh, (800) 915-2151 x706 or via LinkedIn.


Wanna Play LLC and Plan2Play are based in Durham, NC. The company is passionate about promoting wellness and belonging among people. CEO Louise Fahys, a wellness enthusiast and software engineer, has been working since 2005 to find ways to encourage positive interaction in the real world by creating innovative technological solutions. Connect with Louise Fahys on LinkedIn.

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