5 Tips to Skyrocket Leads

July 7, 2022
How to get more leads in your gym

Did you know that over 60% of marketers and business owners say that generating leads is their most challenging task? 

When you’re starting the creation of a gym leads strategy, there are almost countless ways for you to do this, from traditional marketing means to more innovative solutions. 

Lead generation can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to give you grey hairs. Keep reading to find out the best 5 tips to skyrocket your gym leads. 

1. Call for Reviews

Reviews are one of the first places people will check your brand out online. 

People like to be heard, and in a digital world, the sea of information can make customers feel like just a number. By asking people for reviews, you give them a chance to feature and stand out, to give their opinion. There are agencies that can help facilitate these initiatives. 

2. Evaluate Your CTAs

Call-to-actions can make or break any gym lead generation strategy. These CTAs should be at the end of your blog posts, written on your social media posts, or feature at the end of emails in your email marketing campaign. 

CTAs really need to stand out, and here’s how you do that:

  • Try showcasing your CTA in image format and in contrasting colors
  • Be very clear as to what the action to take is and what you’re offering 
  • Make it easy for people by hyperlinking your call-to-actions

Call-to-actions should appear on all pages that are relevant to having one; products pages and blog posts are good examples. If your CTAs are well written, then they can be key to generating fitness leads for your gym. 

3. Keep Forms Simple

When you’re asking for information from website visitors, email recipients, or even prospects, you need to keep the process as simple as possible. 

Few people want to spend longer than a minute or two filling in a form. Really just make sure that you only ask for the information that your salespeople need in order to take the journey further. This will help gather leads in gym and fitness industry companies in a logical way. 

4. Improve Your Offers

What you offer is the absolute cherry on top of your business sundae. Because they don’t answer that question, things like pricing brochures, specifications, and self-promotional videos aren’t compelling offers.

Whitepapers, guides, and webinars are all good examples of informational items.

But each of these items should be offered to people at the right stage of the buying journey. Prospects might be interested in product information, whereas someone who abandoned a cart might want more beneficial product information.

5. Optimize for Mobile

53% of time spent on the internet is done on a mobile phone, that’s a fact. Users should be able to enjoy your website regardless of the device they’re using. As a result, your lead generation strategies will not yield the desired results.
To begin, use a responsive web design.

Text and graphics will automatically adjust to the user’s screen size in this manner. Next, make sure your images don’t take over the page. You don’t want users swiping their fingers across their screens to read what you’ve written or see an entire image. You can create more fitness lead generation by keeping mobile user attention.

Go for Gold, Get Those Gym Leads! 

Generating gym leads doesn’t have to be as difficult as the Olympic 5000m race! 

With simple preparation and dedication to your lead generation strategies, you’ll find that your brand’s lead numbers will gradually increase. 

Don’t head out just yet, we’ve got an entire section aimed at gym owners, check it out here! 

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