Exciting and Engaging Team Building Activities for Work in 2020 

November 21, 2019

Importance of Team Building

If you’re concerned about your company’s bottom line, you might be surprised to learn that employee engagement has an impact on your company’s financial health.

While team bonding is vital to building meaningful relationships and combating feelings of isolation, the real bonus is that your business also reaps some of those same benefits!

Have you tried different team-building games with your employees? Are you looking for some new fresh and fun ideas? Check out our list of team-building activities for work.

Fun Team-Building Activities for Work

Do you have a new hire that would benefit from a team-building event? Is workplace enthusiasm low these days? Are you looking for some unique new team-building exercises? Whatever the reason, fun and exciting team-building activities can do the trick.

1. Charity Events

Helping the less fortunate or doing something for the community is a great way to come together as a team and feel good doing so.

Bring your team to a nearby school to mentor students, help build homes for the underprivileged, participate as a team in a walk to raise money for a cause or hold a canned food drive. Social responsibility is a great way to improve employee engagement.

2. Escape Room

Working together is vital if you hope to be successful in escaping. Active listing, and communication are key when trying to find  clues, solve puzzles and overcome obstacles in a time crunch.

Whether your team escapes or not, you’ll come out of the game a stronger and more cohesive unit.

3. Dog, Chicken, Rice

Creative problem solving will have your group using their collective brain cells. One of the team members is named the farmer and the rest of the team acts as the village members. The goal is for the farmer to return to the farm with 3 items: a dog, chicken, and rice but has to cross a river to get there.

He or she can only take one item in the boat. If he leaves the dog with the chicken, the dog will eat it. If he leaves the rice with the chicken, the chicken will eat the rice. The villagers are given the task of figuring out how the farmer gets home with all three items.

4. Salt and Pepper

Write pairs of words on separate pieces of paper, for example, salt and pepper. Tape salt to one person’s back and pepper to another. Do not let them see what is written on the paper.

Each person goes around asking yes or no questions to find out what word is taped to their back. When the person figures out the word, the next step is to find the person with the coordinating word.

When pairs have matched up, have them find 3 things they have in common.

Schedule a Team-Building Event for Your Staff in the New Year

Now that you’ve discovered some fun team-building activities for work, you’ll want to schedule an event for your team.

Plan2Play for Work is here to help you schedule an event in order to increase your company’s internal social interactions and improve your company culture.

We can show you how to improve your work environment to reduce healthcare costs, increase employee engagement and boost overall morale – and Plan2Play for Work is cost effective!

Contact us today for a demonstration. We’re happy to add you to our pre-launch list so that we can get you up and running when the platform is officially this January.


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