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October 9, 2019
Getting Connected

Getting Connected by doing Activities

New to the area or maybe you just want to meet new people and get connected to the community. The truth is that engaging in activities in your area is the easiest and most enjoyable way to do just that. When you focus on activities that interest you, you’re sure to find that there are a lot of other people in your area that like those activities, as well! Meet new people, get active, and have fun. Let’s take a look at some smart ideas to get connected!

Go to a MeetUp

MeetUps are common these days and for good reason. A MeetUp is a real-life activity that gets people off of their phones and computers and out into the world. There are MeetUps related to your job, but there are also MeetUps for particular interests. Go to your local community center to see what MeetUps suit your interests. Or check out


One of the best ways to meet new people is to volunteer your time. When you volunteer, you’ll be working with a group of like-minded folks that are interested in making the community a better place. It’s not just for charities that you can volunteer your time.

See if you can volunteer at the local museum, theater, or help to organize a community event. Volunteering is all about generosity of spirit, and you’re sure to feel better after you do it, even when you don’t know a soul when you start. You will get connected and meet new people.

Join an Amateur Sports Team

Do you love playing softball on the weekend? Maybe it interests you to go down to the local basketball court and shoot some hoops. When you join an amateur sports team in your area, you’re sure to meet new friends that will last a lifetime.

Sports are the absolute best when it comes to bringing people together for a singular aim. Not only do sports help you to meet people, but they’re also great for your physical and mental health, as well. If you have a sedentary job, you’re going to seriously start looking forward to that weekend tournament with your team.

Not ready to commit to a team, but still love sports? The Plan2Play Connect connects people who like to play sports. Select your sports, availability, and location. Our app does the rest! Connecting individuals with similar interests, availability, and location.

Run in a Local RaceRun Race Connect

Almost every local community has some kind of race, whether it be a 3K, 5K, or even a full marathon. If running and walking is something that interests you, then do consider signing up for one of these races. There’s usually socializing before and after, so it’s a great way to meet people while moving your body and getting that oxygen circulating. Do you hate running alone? Try the Plan2Play Connect to connect with fellow runners. There’s strength in numbers!

Join a Club

There are so many different kinds of clubs out there and being a member of any kind of club is really fun. I

t doesn’t matter whether it’s a reading club, running club, or motorcycle club. Being a member reaps wonderful benefits. Clubs instill a sense of belonging and wellbeing. Even if your club meets once a month, you’re still going to find that being a part of a group that shares the same interests is going to benefit your spirit, mind, and even your body. We all joined clubs as kids, and it helped to form all of us. One study showed that 74% of youth that joined the Boys and Girls Clubs of America referred to the club as “home.”

Take a ClassConnecting Pottery Class

Human beings naturally love to learn. If there’s something that you’ve always wanted to do learn, like to speak French, pottery, knitting, or painting, then take a class in your area and meet some new people. Taking a class can be a lot of fun, and it’s not just for those who have a lot of spare time. Weekend and evening courses are usually available at your local community college. When you take a dance class, you reap the physical benefits, as well.

Shop Local

How are you going to meet new people in your area if you’re shopping at Walmart? Everyone wants to get out of there! Instead, consider shopping local so that you can meet new people in your area. Not only does shopping local benefit small businesses, but it also gives you a better sense of your community and what they value. At the end of the day, you’re spending your money on higher-quality products. In addition, getting connected to your community.

Get Connected

When you move to a new area, meeting new people is as daunting as the dating scene, but it doesn’t have to be. The Plan2Play Scheduler mobile app brings people together with who want to do similar activities and with similar schedules. Pick your activity, time, and location. Plan2Play does the rest. Connecting individuals to do the activities they love, like playing sports, exercising, and more.

Once you’re embedded in your community, you feel a sense of peace, well-being, and belonging. Getting yourself out there means focusing on your interests and hobbies. Surrounding you with people that enjoy life, just like you.

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