Happy Employees

August 12, 2019
Happy Employees

Employee retention is more important than ever before. Most businesses don’t realize just how much money they’re set to lose when they have high employee turnover. Research has shown time and time again that happy employees tend to stay far longer than those that are unhappy! Let’s explore some great tips for keeping the workplace productive, optimized, and low-stress.



As already stated, happy employees are not only more productive, they also suffer from less burnout, stress, and absenteeism. Happy employees are more willing to take on new tasks and challenges. They’re also better leaders. When you have resilient workers, they’re more likely to bounce back from failures and achieve new successes.


Looking for more creativity in the workplace? This is another benefit of having happy employees. When workers are less worried, they have more headspace for creating new ideas. Not only that, but they’re also more willing to help their fellow workers, leading to improved teamwork.


7 Keys to Happier Employees


When employees feel recognized for what they’re doing right, they’re much more likely to be happy and create more successes. Even rewarding someone with a simple ‘thank you,’ that employee will get the message that they’re seen and heard. This is crucial for wellbeing in the workplace.



Human beings like to feel like they belong, and this is particularly true in the workplace. Participating in events and social occasions that allow employees to make friends in the workplace contributes to staying for the long haul. Not only that, employees will look forward to going to work when they have genuine friends there. Create onsite or off-site creative events, trips, or picnics. This is a very good place to start.


See the Person

Taking an interest in who your employees are as people is crucial for workplace happiness. When workers feel like their boss cares for them and their families, they’re far less likely to call in sick or find another job. This goes back to the importance of belonging. See your workers as human beings and they’re truly going to experience the wellbeing that comes from that.


Have Fun!

When work is fun, employees are going to be far more excited about coming to work and creating success for the business. Did you know that employees that joke around a lot have stronger work cultures? It makes sense. Not everyone can be perfect all the time, so if workers feel like they can laugh it off, they’re going to experience increased wellbeing and performance.


Step Back

More than ever, employees feel like they’re married to their jobs. For this reason, it’s crucial that workers receive quality time when they can disengage from work. Everyone needs to spend time focusing on family and priorities, and employers should definitely encourage this.


Healthy Living

Encouraging workers to lead a healthy lifestyle? This is one of the most important things that a company can do to increase wellbeing and productivity. Exercise, sleep, and nutrition are all essential for happy employees.


Stop Calculating

As an employer, are you calculating everything that your workers are achieving and keeping score? While it is great to provide recognition of a job well done, every action should not be tallied. This is detrimental to business success. When employees feel like they are working under a microscope, they’re far less likely to want to remain at their job.


Engaged and Thriving

Studies show that employees that are “engaged and thriving” are 59% less likely to leave and find another job. When you really look at the statistics of job retention, it’s pretty sad. On average, most workers will leave a new job within a year. What keeps this phenomenon from happening? Being happy! Happy, healthy employees that feel part of a good office culture are going to stay, and not only that, they’re going to work as hard as they can.


Consider a Health and Wellness Program

There are tons of programs out there that are aimed at employee happiness, retention, and overall wellbeing. The Plan2Play app allows employees to select and schedule their own activities such as playing sports or going for a run. Download the app, create an account, create an event, and invite people. Plan2Play does the rest. It finds others with the same desires and connects individuals.


Plan2Play Wellness Program tracts activities and provides activity data. Employers don’t have to schedule or plan events, but they can. An easy to use dashboard enables companies to plan team-building exercises, volunteer activities, and corporate events. Then provides accurate participation data on those activities.


Create a sense of Belonging and Concern

The Plan2Play app is designed to connect individuals, encourage exercise, and create a great company culture. A great way to create a sense of belonging, healthy living, and concern for the individual’s wellbeing, Plan2Play.

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