Lowering Stress Related Work Absences

June 17, 2019

Stress-Related Absences

Workplace stress has quickly developed into one of the most common forms of anxiety and lowering stress-related absences is key. With hours increasing and jobs become more demanding, it seems inevitable that stress will continue to rise throughout the entirety of your career. Over the past few years, a number of studies have verified these results and revealed some of the dangerous implications of these high levels of stress. In fact, one common consequence is stress-related absences from your work! However, with the help of a healthy lifestyle, you can proactively prevent stress from taking its toll on your job. Listed below are several elements of a healthy lifestyle that will enable you to drastically lower your work-related stress.


Consequences of Stress

Before we get into explaining ways to combat stress, it is important to understand several of the causes and consequences of stress. Recently, the American Institute of Stress revealed that an estimated one million workers are unable to perform their daily work due to stress-related absences. Often, these increased levels of stress can take their toll on employees and lead to lower productivity and morale. Many of the causes are related to a heavy workload, long hours, conflict with co-workers, and even job insecurity. Although it may sound frightening, there are still a number of ways to prevent this from happening.


Engage in a Wellness Programweight training - Lowering Stress Related Absences

One key way to actively work to fight against work-related stress and absences is by engaging in either your employer’s wellness program or actively exercising.  A number of studies have revealed that consistent exercise is a powerful way to fight against stress and improve employee wellness. A healthier lifestyle will also lead to a number of benefits down the road. If your employer offers an optional wellness program, you should endeavor to actively participate in it. Or you can find a local gym that offers a community surrounded around exercise and health. Want someone to workout with? Check out the Plan2Play a mobile app.


Regularly Pursue Moments of Relaxation

Another easy way to begin improving your stress-levels at work is considering the benefits of regularly relaxing, which may involve yoga or meditation. By taking concerted steps in giving your mind a break from your daily stressors, you can fully relax and clear your head from many worries and anxious thoughts. Whether you do this every day or weekly, a small amount of time dedicated to one of these practices will definitely improve your ability to perform at your job and make you happier.


Organize your Daily Routine

Likewise, you may also want to consider organizing your daily routine. And list of tasks that need to be finished at your job. By prioritizing each of the tasks that you will need to finish, you can avoid cramming work in at deadlines as well as finishing the most difficult task when you are feeling fresh and awake. Deadlines can be extremely stressful. By proactively avoiding having large projects due at these times. You can both improve your performance as well as your stress levels.


List Out the Changes you Hope to Make

All in all, one of the most fundamental ways to actively lower your stress is by thinking about the changes you would like to make in your work. In addition, in your life in order to reduce stress. Then, once you have outlined several ways to pursue this goal, you should begin taking the necessary steps toward this. Ensure that your list is well-organized and filled with steps that are not out of reach. By taking small steps daily, you can slowly progress towards a healthier lifestyle at your work and reduce your absences.


Get Out and Play

Overall, it is important to take moments for yourself and avoid descending into the corporate rat-race. Invite - Lowering Stress Related AbsencesBy pursuing a healthy balance between work and life, you can avoid stressful absences as well as enjoy your job more. By engaging in a few, simple steps, you can easily begin moving towards a less-stress and lowering stress-related absences


Exercise is a powerful way to fight stress. Wouldn’t it be great to connect with people that want to work out or play a sport? People in your area, when you are available? The Plan2Play mobile app does just that! Select the activity, location, and times available. Then you can invite people you know, or the app will find people for you. Check out the FREE app for individual players. See how easy it is to use. In addition, Plan2Play offers effective Corporate Wellness Programs that provide activity data and scheduling solutions for Team Captains, League Administrators, Sports Clubs, and Centers.

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